• Steven Rennicks, Nadine Murray and Darren Rennicks

  • Ella Calvey and Conor Moran from Navan

  • Aine Rogers, Sarah Connolly,Claremount, Hannah Coffee, Emmet Tce and Aiobhe Connolly from Claremount

  • Sarah Connolly from Claremount

  • Niamh, Lillyanna, Katelynne and JJ O’Brien with Liz Hornby from Briarstown

  • Luke Carroll

  • Kayla, Leah and Ameila

  • Ava Reilly, Leannah Hughes, Ethan Hughes and Holly Gibney from Navan

  • Amy Levins and Ellen Dixon from Mulla

  • Alex Summerfield from the Paddocks


Count Dracula led large crowds of young children and their parents on a unique Spooks Parade to kick off the Halloween season at Nevan Retail Park. Local kids went store to store on a spooky adventure, trick or treating staff and customers alike. And, not to be outdone, many of the staff of the stores were kitted out in their ghoulish best. We had an amazing turnout so thanks to everyone that came along!