Earth Day 2022

On Earth Day this year, Navan Retail Park would like to declare our strong commitment to implementing sustainability initiatives in our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and lessen the impact on the environment.

We have put in place initiatives across the retail park that include our car park only using energy-efficient LED lighting and this energy is also 100% green renewable energy, our landscape team only uses eco-friendly products in the retail park which benefit bees and other insects and all our retailers segregate their waste and thereby reducing what goes to landfills.

Also, we are very excited to announce that electric vehicle charging points will be introduced later this year for our customers. Navan Retail Park is fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring our activities have the least detrimental effect on the environment.

Happy Earth Day to everyone, remember to like our Facebook Page and stay tuned for upcoming events.

Navan’s local hero winner

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Autism & Sensory-Friendly Initiative on 27th of April

This Saturday from 11am to 1pm, we are happy to announce the launch of The Autism & Sensory-Friendly Initiative at Navan Retail Park!

Autism is an invisible disability which affects an estimated 1 in 59 children. Autism is made up of challenges with regard to social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech, and nonverbal communication. Many autistic people also have sensory issues, and these can include aversions to certain lights or sounds.

Trips to shops can be stressful for autistic adults and children, and they can be overwhelmed by sensory experiences.

In an effort to provide a sensory-friendly shopping experience, and make visits to the Retail Park easier for autistic and other sensory affected people, all the stores will have shopping caps available on request.

These caps block out the light and also helps the staff to identify those people who may need assistance.

Working closely with stores, we will provide advice to store staff and develop inclusive activities such as “quiet shopping hours” to facilitate visits and improve the customer experience.

On the launch day, all stores will also provide quite hours from 12pm – 3pm.

Due to weather condition, the Initiative will be held indoors at Petmania. There will be face painting, balloon making, painting station and Lego station!

Let’s all “Do Well by Doing Good”!

We hope to see you on the day and help us to support your community!